Restorative Dentistry Nederland, TX

Restorative dentistry provides care for repairing and replacing teeth that are damaged or missing. Coastal Dental Care offers comprehensive restorative dentistry in Nederland, TX, including dental implants for replacing one or more missing teeth. Restoring your smile’s health, function, and aesthetics supports oral health and overall health and wellness.

If you have dental concerns or suffer from the effects of poor oral health, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists to explore treatment options and get back to smiling again. 

Restorative dental care in Nederland, Texas

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on diagnosing and treating oral health issues. Our primary goal with these treatments is to restore the function and aesthetics of the teeth and supporting structures. Restorative dental treatments focus on returning and promoting overall health.

The restorative dental treatments we use will address existing dental problem and prevent further complications. The type of treatment you need will depend on the issue you are experiencing, your needs, and your aesthetic goals.

What kind of dental issues does restorative dentistry address?

Restorative dentistry plays a crucial role in maintaining oral health, preventing further complications, and enhancing the overall well-being of individuals. Your specific treatment plan is tailored to address your unique needs and conditions. Scheduling regular dental check-ups will your dentist help identify dental problems early. This allows for timely intervention and the implementation of appropriate restorative measures.

Our restorative dentistry treatments are designed to address a range of oral health issues. Our goal is to restore the function, structure, and aesthetics of your teeth and supporting tissues. Common issues we address using restorative dentistry procedures include:

  • Tooth Decay: Severe tooth decay can leave a tooth damaged. We can utilize several treatments, including some general dentistry treatments, to restore the tooth.
  • Cracked or Fractured Teeth: Cracked, chipped, or fractured teeth can happen for many reasons. Dental crowns are a common restorative treatment to fix this type tooth damage.
  • Missing Teeth: You may be missing one, several, or all of your teeth for many reasons including trauma, poor oral health, tooth decay, or gum disease. We can replace those teeth with dental bridges, dentures, or dental implants. They will help to restore proper function and prevent issues related to tooth loss.
  • Worn Down Teeth: As we age, our teeth will naturally wear down. Teeth grinding will also lead to worn down teeth. We can rebuild those teeth using restorative dentistry treatments.
  • Tooth Trauma: Restorative dentistry can address teeth damaged due to accidents or trauma. After we examine your teeth, we can come up with a treatment plan to restore the structure and function of your teeth based on the damage that was done to your smile.
  • Malocclusion (Misalignment): Malocclusion refers to misalignment or incorrect positioning of the teeth when the jaws are closed. It can lead to bite issues, such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites.
  • Gum Disease: Gum disease is an inflammatory condition affecting the gums and bone supporting the teeth. The leading cause of gum disease is poor oral health habits.
  • TMJ Disorders: This disorder refers to a group of conditions that affect the jaw joint and the muscles controlling jaw movement. The TMJ is the joint connecting the jawbone to the skull, allowing for functions like chewing and speaking.

Restorative Dentistry in Nederland, TX

Coastal Dental Care provides a full range of restorative dental procedures aimed at restoring your oral health. Our experienced dental team will create the best treatment plan for you to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your smile. Our personalized approached ensures you will receive the highest quality of care.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth or a full arch of teeth. They have quickly become the “gold standard” of tooth replacement. A dental implant fixture is a titanium post that is surgically implanted into the jawbone beneath the gum line. The will support prosthetic teeth and replace the missing teeth roots. Teeth implants offer benefits for your oral health and daily quality of life. They will reduce bone loss in the jaw, offer natural biting and chewing functions, and normalize your speech. Dental implants are made to last a lifetime with proper care.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a restorative dentistry device that can replace one or more missing teeth. It consists of pontics (prosthetic) teeth anchored by dental crowns on adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. The dental crown portion of the bridge serve as abutments. They support the bridge and ensure stability. Traditional bridges involve preparing the adjacent teeth by reducing them significantly in size. Implant-supported bridges rely on dental implants for support. The bridge not only restores functionality for chewing and speaking but also prevents adjacent teeth from shifting.

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a useful restoration that will encase a damaged or weakened tooth to the gum line. Its purpose is to restore the tooth’s shape, size, strength, and appearance. A tooth crown can save a tooth. Your dentist may suggest a dental crown after a root canal to strengthen the tooth, cover a discolored or misshapen tooth, restore a damaged tooth, restore a decayed tooth, or support a dental bridge. The dental crowns we use blend in with the color of your natural teeth so your smile will look uniform and natural. Coastal Dental Care uses CEREC technology to create porcelain crowns in a single day. To learn more about the dental crown process, see Dental Crown.

Dentures and Partials

Dentures are removable prosthetic devices that will replace missing teeth and some of the gum tissue inside the mouth. Full dentures replace all teeth in an arch, while partial dentures fill gaps when some natural teeth remain. Full dentures consist of a gum colored acrylic base that supports the false teeth. It is held in place by way of suction and/or denture adhesive. A partial denture often uses a metal or acrylic framework with clips that will snap on to the remaining teeth for support. We also offer implant-secured dentures. This dental restoration uses dental implants to support dentures for increased stability.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection affecting the gum tissue. It begins as gingivitis and can progress to periodontitis if you do not seek treatment. Common symptoms include swollen gums, bleeding gums, bad breath, and eventual tooth loss. Your Coastal Dental Care can treat your gum disease with through methods. Scaling and root planing is a popular treatment that will deep clean the gum pockets to remove plaque and tartar. Early intervention is crucial in managing and preventing periodontal disease. It ensures the health and longevity of your teeth and the supporting structures.

TMJ Treatment

A TMJ disorder involves pain and dysfunction in the jaw joints. Common TMJ symptoms include jaw pain, popping sounds when you move your mouth, frequent headaches, and difficulty chewing. Your Coastal Dental Care dentist can provide you with TMJ treatment to help you find relief. We offer custom mouthguards that are made specifically to treat TMJ issues. These oral appliances are often worn at night to prevent teeth grinding and lessen the stress on the jaw joints.

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