Tooth Extraction Nederland, TX

Welcome to Coastal Dental Care, your dentist office in the heart of Nederland, TX. As a leading dental healthcare provider, we pride ourselves on high-quality services. We also keep our patients well-informed about treatment, including tooth extractions. A tooth extraction is a common dental procedure in Nederland, TX, for infected, damaged, or overcrowded teeth.

During this routine treatment, we remove a tooth from its socket in the bone. However, our dentists do not take this procedure lightly. We only recommend an extraction when we cannot save a tooth with other treatments.

Tooth Extraction in Nederland TX

Choosing Coastal Dental Care for Your Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions need professional care. Extractions require both technical skill and a knowledge base to treat potential complications. When you have access to a reliable dental office with experienced dentists it ensures a smooth and anxiety-free process.

Our office also understands many patients may fear pain during treatments like extractions. However, we ensure comfortable care. We use anesthetic and sedation as needed for pain-free tooth extractions. 

Why Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

You may need tooth removal for many reasons, including: 

  • Tooth Decay: If we cannot provide a filling or root canal to save an infected tooth, we must remove it. 
  • Gum Disease: When you develop advanced gum disease, it destroys supporting structures around teeth. As a result, you have loose teeth and deep gum pockets.
  • Crowding: Overcrowding is a concern because there isn’t enough room in your mouth for all your teeth. Certain orthodontic cases require space we can create by extracting one or more teeth.
  • Infection Risks: A compromised immune system can increase the risk of infection. As a result, you may need extraction.
  • Impacted Teeth: Tooth impaction happens when a tooth fails to erupt due to a blockage or unusual positioning. When a tooth does not have room to grow, it can lead to overcrowding. It can even increase the risk of infection. 

Types of Tooth Extraction in Nederland, TX

Our office provides two main types of tooth removal: simple and surgical tooth extractions. We provide simple extractions for visible teeth, where instruments can easily grip and remove them. We use anesthetic to numb the tooth before we remove teeth above the gum line.

If simple ones aren’t possible, we recommend surgical extractions. These complex extractions can remove teeth at or below the gums. Because removing these teeth can take time, we may recommend sedation.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

The wisdom teeth, or the “third molars” are the final permanent teeth. These teeth grow in the back of the mouth, behind the molars. While most patients do not need these teeth removed, we provide wisdom tooth extraction for patients with impacted teeth.

When the wisdom teeth grow, there is often not enough room for them to emerge. As a result, these teeth can overcrowd the mouth or damage the molars.

If you begin to feel pain behind your molars, it may be your wisdom teeth. Contact our office and we will X-rays. We will see if you need wisdom teeth removal.  

The Tooth Extraction Process in our Nederland, TX Office

The process begins with a consultation, during which we discuss symptoms. We will also review your medical history, medications, and dental concerns.

Then, we will use advanced diagnostic tools for a thorough examination. Digital X-rays help us see the teeth, gums, and jaw bone. These X-rays also help us see infection within teeth or growing teeth. Once we determine that you need an extraction, we will create a treatment plan that aligns with your needs.

We prioritize patient comfort during any surgical treatment. Our office will numb the mouth first for comfortable treatment. However, this does not completely eliminate post-treatment discomfort. To this end, we provide solutions to reduce any soreness. Our dentists will closely monitor you even after treatment. 

Post-Tooth Extraction Aftercare 

We deeply value our patients’ recovery after tooth extraction. Our office will provide detailed guidelines on diet, rest patterns, and medication management. Generally, we recommend that you follow these instructions after treatment:

  • Eat Soft Foods: Mashed potatoes, pasta, soup, and smoothies are great foods to eat after a tooth extraction. We recommend avoiding hard or crunchy foods to reduce irritation and pain as you heal. 
  • Use a Cold Compress: To combat swelling, place an ice pack on the outside of your cheek. Apply ice to the area for fifteen minutes at a time.
  • Keep Gauze Over The Extraction Sites: We place gauze over the extraction sites right after tooth removal. Continue to bite down on the gauze and switch it out until the bleeding stops.
  • Take Medication: We may prescribe pain medication as the anesthetic or sedation wears off. For the best results, take this medication as prescribed.

All medical procedures have complications, and tooth extractions are no exception. Common complications include dry socket. You can develop a dry socket if a blood clot does not form or is dislodged from the extraction site. This problem exposes the bone and nerves, causing severe pain.

Our office can intervene early if you have pain or complications. If you notice continual bleeding days after treatment or experience dry socket, call our office. 

Your Insurance Coverage and Costs

Treatment costs vary depending on individual cases. However, are transparent about all associated fees ahead of time. Our office will also accept various insurance plans and offer assistance in understanding claims processing. Insurance will cover at least part of the cost of general dentistry treatments like root canal therapy.

Restore Your Health 

Get comfortable tooth extraction treatment in our Nederland, TX, office today. Schedule an appointment with Coastal Dental Care online or call 409-215-2035. 

We aim to ensure gentle yet efficient treatments for patients. Let us know if you have any questions about treatment. We’re here to help.