Antioxidants and Your Oral Health

If you have been looking for ways to improve your eating habits, you might have heard that antioxidants are good for you. These substances found in many foods and beverages will target and fight toxins within your body that might otherwise lead to health issues. People with chronic illnesses, like heart disease, can reduce their risk of further medical complications and unpleasant symptoms this way.

You can find relief from many discomforts by consuming antioxidant-rich foods. But you might not realize that these food items can also promote good oral health. Read on to learn how antioxidants can keep your smile looking and feeling its best.

Antioxidants and Your Oral Health

How Do Antioxidants Impact Your Smile?

One of the primary health benefits of antioxidants is that they reduce the harmful effects that might occur from the body’s inflammatory response. You can develop inflammation as a result of your body’s effort to fight off toxins, including infections. While your body’s effort to get rid of toxins is important, this process can put you in danger of other ailments throughout your body.

Acute inflammation can leave you with swelling and irritation in certain areas, including the gums if you suffer from gum disease, an infection of the gum tissue. Your gums can feel sore and look puffy as your body fights this infection.

You will need periodontal therapy from a dentist to eradicate gum disease. But you can relieve some discomfort caused by this infection if you consume antioxidant-rich foods. This diet can also lower your chances of further oral infections too.

Gum disease can lead to irreversible and severe damage to your gums, teeth, and jaw. So do not ignore changes or problems with your gum health. Talk to your dentist about periodontal care and how your diet can enhance your oral health.

Which Foods Contains Antioxidants?

Now that you understand how antioxidants can enhance your smile as well as your overall well-being, you likely want to know how you can boost your health by adding these substances to your diet. Many fruits are prime sources of antioxidants, including cherries, mangos, peaches, and many kinds of berries. Dried fruits remove water from foods, which increases the ratio of antioxidants.

You can also get antioxidants in certain nuts and vegetables, like broccoli, spinach, avocados, squash, and more. Add spices to your recipes for other ways to consume more antioxidants. Turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, and herbs all contain high levels of antioxidants.

Beverages offer a great way to get more antioxidants too. Green tea is a popular way to consume antioxidants, along with many fruit juices. Your dentist can help you determine more ways to enrich your diet with preventative oral health care in mind as well.

Avoid taking supplements containing antioxidants without consulting a medical professional. Proper nutrition consists of balance, so you should not overconsume antioxidants. You could risk causing other health issues that would counteract the benefits of this substance.